FAQ - Questions About Pet Portraits



9"x 12" - $100  (charcoal sketch B&W one pet)

11"x 14" - $250 (charcoal sketch B&W two or more pets)

18"x24" - $350  (charcoal sketch B&W multiple pets) 

9"x 12" - $250  (Water Colored plain background)

12"x18" - $350  (Water Colored detailed background one pet)
15"x 20" - $650  (Water Colored detailed background multiple pets )
 15"x 20"-$750 (Oil Painting on Canvas one Pet )
18"x 24" - $850 (Oil Painting on Canvas multiple pets)

*CUSTOM PET PORTRAIT  (All prices are for 1 subject) - 

*For water colored with Ink and Oil Paintings I require a NON-REFUNDABLE fee in the amount of half of the price upon approval of the pencil sketch, before starting the painting.
*2-4 month payment plans available if needed

How does payment work? Do you offer any payment plans?
I accept payments through Venmo, Check or check, and PayPal.
If needed, I offer 2-6 month interest-free payment options. This is can be done electronically or through the mail. I will set up a billing schedule to suit your needs. Please know that the painting will not be shipped or delivered to you until the last payment is received.

What is your guarantee if I am unsatisfied with the painting?
All sales are final, and I offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  If for any reason you feel the work did not turn out as you hoped, I will keep the painting and initial deposit, and give a credit for the deposit amount to be used for the purchase of any Pet Portrait Fun product or service.

How do I start the process of having a custom pet portrait made?
First send me a few photos of your pet. I will ask you about your pets’ personality. Tell me what you liked to do together, or places you liked to go with each other. I will use this information to illustrate the personality of your pet.

 What is the next step?
I sketch a pencil drawing, where a photo of it will be emailed or text to you for approval.  Any changes can be made at this time. When you are satisfied with the pencil sketch, a deposit is sent for half the cost of the final painting either by Venmo, Paypal or check.

What is the medium?  

B&W= Black Charcoal and White chalk will be on gray paper
Watercolor= will be on watercolor paper illustrated with ink and watercolor paint.

Oil Painting= will be on Canvas

How does my painting come?  
It will be shipped or handed to you in person. The painting will be in a cardboard folder with a transparent protective paper cover on the artwork.  If shipped, the cost will be added to the final price.

Can you help me find a frame?  
I always recommend a glass frame to protect the artwork. If you would like me to assist you in the framing process this can also be discussed. Price does not include frame

After the consultation and we agree on the details,

I will draft a contract for you to sign.

Pet Portrait Fun Artist Michele Cahill Painting a custom watercolor portrait
Pet Portrait Fun Artist Michele Cahill Painting a custom watercolor portrait
Paint Your Pet Portrait Fun Party at Brooklyn Canine Club in New York City bring your dog

Paint Your Pet Party Questions

Want to have a Paint Your Pet Party


What is a Paint and Sip Party with pets ?You pet will be drawn and ready for you to trace and watercolor with easy to follow intructions from Michele. At Pet Portrait Fun Paint Parties, you can bring your pet and have a drink at the venue, or BYOB depending on where we are.  You will be provided all the art materials and given custom instructions on how to bring your pet portrait to life. 

  What is the cost to attend a Paint and Sip Pet portrait party? 

 The cost to attend a Sip and paint a pet portrait party in New York City is $65 which includes the professional pencil sketch of your pet all the art supplies, instruction from the Master artist Michele Cahilll and a matte frame at the end. 


Can I have a Private Paint Party with my pet near me? For the Best NY Paint & Sip parties near you by Pet Portrait Fun  check out my party locations on the contact page If you are in the NYC metro area, about having me come to your location for you own special private Paint and Sip party for pet lovers.  

Can I have a Paint Party for kids?You can have a paint party as a birthday or special occasion for kids age 6 years and older.  Contact me to help organize your special event for your child. It can be with your pets or of your favorite animals.  

How does  Paint Your Pet Party work? Paint your pet the easy way, no artistic background needed and you can bring your pet too !  I sketch your pet for you after you send me your pet photo.  If you are looking for a paint your pet NYC in New York City, then check out my party locations on the contact page.  Ten or more  people, and I will come do a private paint your pet Long Island , or  paint your pet NY metro areas too.  You can paint your pet painting with a twist, otherwise known as paint your pet and sip by BYOB or purchase from the location of the party.  At my Paint Your Pet Party,  I will  show you how to paint your pet with watercolor, after your trace what I have already drawn for you, so it is easy.

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