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Bringing pet lovers and art together by painting pet portraits.  Host of Paint and Sip events at Pet Friendly venues around the New York City area. Your pet is drawn for you to trace and watercolor your pet portrait, so it’s as easy as a paint by number pet portrait painting.  We are always seeking opportunities to team up with local groups for Animal Shelter fundraisers and adoption events. You can also request the artist to come to your private events to sketch as a party entertainer drawing your pets live for you and your guests… perfect for special announcements, anniversaries or birthday parties.

 Pet Portrait Fun was founded in 2015 by Michele Cahill, the social entrepreneur and professional artist. A sought after portrait artists, her creative abilities have impressed a variety of influential clients including Disney, Nickelodeon & W.B. Now, she focuses her talents on hosting sip & paint pet portrait events at dog-friendly venues throughout NYC and Long Island . Her Paint Your Pet parties have received the attention and praise of the NY Times.

Michele, a compassionate animal lover and supporter, has teamed up with the No Suffer Society to launch  "Paint for a Pawpose"  — an AirBnB Social Impact Experience which grants "celebrity status" to shelter animals to maximize their exposure for adoption by painting their pet portraits. Where shelter animals are chosen to have their portraits painted bringing light to these living angels. We are always seeking opportunities to team up with local groups for fundraising events. You can also request a private artist to come to your home and sketch live custom drawings of your animals just for you and your guests… for special announcements or birthdays.


Professional NYC Artist & founder of Pet Portrait Fun received her BFA from Syracuse University in illustration, and has designed for Disney, Nickelodeon & Warner Bros.  She currently instructs pet portrait classes throughout NYC, at pet friendly venues where people can bring their dogs.  

In 2015, she was laid off from her graphic design job, and realized she wanted to create her own business where she could combine her love for animals and drawing. She received her certification as a professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA) and learned about dog behavior.  It was clear  that painting peoples beloved pets and showing them how to paint pet portraits with their dog present was her true passion.  Initially  starting her business with unique custom pet portraits and whimsical animal portraits in watercolor,  she then started holding Sip and Paint dog friendly parties or "Paint Your Pet Parties" at pet friendly venues in NYC, where customers watercolor portraits of their pets, pre drawn for them.  They can also bring their furry friends with them to the party.  After being featured in the NY Times the demand for "Paint Your Pet Portrait Parties" grew and she developed "Paint Your Pet Portrait - DIY Art Kit".  She makes it easy for pet lovers to watercolor their own pets from a sketch  drawn for them prior to trace and watercolor on their own. Individual customized instruction is always included.  As a true animal lover,  she  also volunteers weekly at the New York City Animal Care Center, working to improve the behavior issues of shelter dogs, and help bring shelter animal adoption to the forefront.​


Pet Portrait Fun organizes events where people paint your pet portraits and gather to sip cocktails, and unravel their artistic alter-ego under the guidance of the master artist- Michele Cahill.  The concept gives pet lovers the chance to have fun on a regular night with their pet and an opportunity to socialize creatively with other pet parents. Customers create their own masterpieces from the drawings provided for them. They trace professional pre hand drawn sketches and watercolor their own paintings with professional instruction from the Master Artist. Painting a pet portrait is a very relaxing, and enjoyable experience.  This simple way to paint your own pet portrait with a  pre drawn sketch will  let anyone paint their pet portrait, and feel like a pro. Pet Portrait Fun, is based out of New York City, bringing Pet Lovers and Art together by painting their pet.  Illustrating pets in a uniquely personalized way, through custom paintings. 


Bringing pet lovers into the art world by having them paint a portrait on their own is a very special experience.  I realize many people have not picked up a paint brush since they were a child. Reintroducing the enjoyment of painting is a very special gift to share with people.  What could be a better way to step into the art world again, than to paint a portrait of  your best furry friend.  I want to take the Sip and Paint party from franchises and make it a more personalized experience, that you can enjoy with your pet.  I work everyday to make sure customers receives an amazing unique portrait, that is one of a kind and experience they will never forget. To me, the portraits created are part of a journey through the life of that animal and their pet parent. Bringing customers joy through painting their pet is a special experience that everyone should try, even if you have no artistic background.   Volunteering weekly at ACC NY shelter I keep the awareness and importance of adoption at the forefront of my mind.  Raising awareness and funds for animal in shelters through fundraisers like Paint Your Pet Parties and Custom portrait donations is an important party of Pet Portrait Fun's purpose.  My mission is to do good for animals in need and serve my customers in a way that I can bring an experience of joy and happiness through pet portrait art, to bring into their home and hold in their heart forever.


Michele Cahill the pet portraits artist of New York City can host a paint party in new york, as was featured in the New York Times. Pet Painting with a twist or paint and sip with wine and paint a portrait painting at the paint party for pet portraits. She can show you how to draw a dog portrait or cat portrait.
Either cat painting or dog painting you can paint your pet as seen in the NY Times.
Read about New York city dog portraits wine and paint pet portraits paint party in the New York times
One of New York's best paint parties pet painting with a twist shown in New York times. The NYtimes has never seen a paint nite like this
Join the next paint your pet your pet party with your pet  just visit www.petportraitfun.com.
New York pet portraits artist, host of paint party shown in New York times, pet painting with a twist, with Michele Cahill featured in NY times. The New York city artist, host of wine and paint parties where you can bring your dog and paint dog portraits.  Paint and sip with your dog.
Host of a paint party New York pet portraits artist, shown in New York times, painting with a twist is more fun just when you bring your dog. To learn more about Michele Cahill read the article in the NY times. This New York city artist, hosts of wine and paint parties where you can bring your dog and paint dog portraits is one of a kind. Paint and sip with your dog in New York City at dog friendly venues with Michele Cahill Pet portrait artist.
Have Michele Cahill New York City dog portraits artist host a paint party in New York, as was featured in the New York times. Pet Painting with a twist with your dog . Read more about Michele Cahill in NY times. This New York city artist, host of wine and paint parties where you can bring your dog and paint dog portraits.  Paint and sip with your dog and pet paint with a twist as shown in New York times.( NYtimes ) Michele Cahill  the New York city artist in the NY times, hosts wine and paint with your dog. Pet Lovers in New York who read NYtimes about pet parties and painting with a twist can see the story about Pet portrait Artist Michele Cahill pen and watercolour painter.
You finish the night with Dog portraits.  Wine and paint pet portraits at a paint party in  New York as seen in the New York times. If you want to Learn about Michele Cahill in NY times the New York city artist, the hosts of wine and paint parties, please check out more of this website and contact Michele Cahill with further questions.. #paintyourpet  #newyorktimes #NewYorkcity
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